First Time Watching *JOHN WICK (2014)* Movie REACTION!!!

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First time watching John Wick from 2014 directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch,, starring Keanu Reeves, Michael Nyqvist, and Alfie Allen!!! Full movie reaction!!!

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Recorded on 8/24/21

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FAQ: (Questions that are asked to me OFTEN, will answer here)

Q: Why is the video in TWO Parts?
A: Copyright reasons. I can show more of the movie to you guys within multiple parts. Depending on the movie I might do THREE parts or sometimes just ONE.

Q: Why is a small portion of the video completely muted?
A: Copyright reasons. Sometimes I get hit with copyright claims AFTER the video has already been posted, my only choice is to refute the claim but if YouTube denies it, I have to either take down the video or mute the small portion they are claiming. If the video has been up for a while, it is much easier for me to mute this small portion in the YT studio and then unmute it months later after people aren’t watching the video as much.

Q: Why is the movie not as loud as I want it to be, why can’t you show more of it uncut?
A: Copyright reasons. Notice a pattern here? Most of your questions will likely be answered with some type of copyright related reason.

Q: Why is the movie footage flipped?
A: Again, copyright reasons. I am watching the movie the normal way, it is only flipped for the video.

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